segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2012

Going to camp

Thank you Erik! Feeling much happier with this image now! Still gonna work on the pose when I have more time!

segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

Boxer, Figure and... Korra!

Some assignments for CGMA classes, with the great feedbacks from Erik (Digital Painting) and Michael Hampton (Figure Drawing):

Go check their blogs! They are awesome!



And a sketch from Legend of Korra... cause Korra is the new Avatar, deal with it! xD

segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Tanukis and Dragons

Hey,hey... Gonna try to post something new once a week, so here is the first attempt!
Some of you may have seen these works, but I think it's worth posting it here too...

These are the steps for the Tanuki painting:

(studies from photo reference of real raccoons)

(studies of the character)

(color key)

(and finally the final version!)

And some Daenerys fanart for Game of Thrones' fans! ;D

As always, crits and suggestions are welcome!

sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

New beginnins

Hi everyone! Welcome to my humble blog!
Here I pretend to post my artwork, sketches and process!
Hope you guys like it! Critiques and suggestions are very welcome! :)

So, to start, here are some studies and sketches:


Oi, gente! Bem-vindos ao meu humilde blog!
Aqui vou postar meus desenhos, sketches e processos!
Espero que gostem! Críticas e sugestões são sempre bem-vindas!

Pra começar, aqui estão alguns estudos e sketches:

Film studies